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25 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Under $100 Reviews [Above $100 Included]

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle under 100

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle under 100

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Reviews

Airsoft sniper rifles are typically used in airsoft sports, simulation exercises, and military training. The Airsoft guns for hunting can provide a challenge and excitement to the hunter in the field.

Did you ever think about what makes the sniper shooter so dangerous? Why do they never lose their target point? Why is it essential to go for the best airsoft sniper rifle under a $100 review?

Airsoft sniper rifles are becoming popular among hunters worldwide for their low-cost, lightweight, and easy-to-use features. The guns are designed for shooting from a concealed position with accurate aiming. They shoot at a low velocity which is not dangerous if someone gets hit by an airsoft gun.

Well, they have fantastic accuracy from even much longer distances. There is no way to deny that playing with the sniper rifle is much more exciting for those who love it. We know that you are probably one of them.

It is imperative to select the airsoft sniper rifle to enjoy the actual shooting experience and to be the most targeted and skilled shooter.

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What is the best airsoft rifle under $100 on the market?

WELL MB08 is the highest-rated airsoft sniper rifle on our list. This is a widely famous airsoft rifle that is famous among users worldwide.

Which is the longest-range airsoft sniper rifle?

Airsoft Sniper Rifle by Soft Air has by far the best range among all sniper rifle products from our list.  

What’s the best airsoft sniper under $200?

Metallic MK98 is the best airsoft real life sniper under $200. For more affordable airsoft sniper rifle choices.

Which is the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle?

BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action is the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle with 400+ FPS and is lightweight.

What’s the most powerful airsoft sniper rifle for hunting?

The Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550 is the most powerful airsoft sniper of 2021-22 with a bi-pod and a scope. It is the most accurate and fastest airsoft sniper rifle for hunting, with 550 FPS.

How to Choose the Right Type of Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

Savings For Airsoft Sniper Rifles [Today DEALS]

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Evike Amoeba - Striker - S1 Gen2 Bolt Action...
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  • Compatible with AEG springs; QD power / fps change; Lots of...
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Buying Guide: What to look before the airsoft sniper rifle for Hunting?

Apart from recreation and fun activities, the selection of the best airsoft sniper is one of the most crucial decisions if you are a professional sniper.

Airsoft guns are one of the best and most required materials for gameplay. The rifles are also best for hunting as well as preventing pests from the garden. You can choose the best sniper rifle for your loved ones who want to play professionally.

However, when you choose a top-notch best Airsoft Sniper, below are the essential points that must be your prior concern. And the points include:

  • Barrel Length:

While selecting the airsoft sniper rifle, barrel length is something significant to consider. The accuracy of the rifle depends on barrel length, particularly for the best airsoft sniper and higher-powered guns.

  • Build Material:

There are two types of build material in airsoft sniper rifles (plastic and metal), both are durable material. But the selection of the right equipment depends upon your purpose of usage.

If you are an outdoor player or a professional, then metal build material would be perfect for you, it will stay longer. Otherwise, a plastic one will be fit for you and will be easy to handle and use.

  • Accessory Rails:

The airsoft sniper rifle allows you to attach any kind of accessory like laser sights, weapon-mounted lights, scopes an Angled grip or Vertical grip and R.I.S systems.

  • Accessory:

A high-powered airsoft sniper comes with a vast scope. So, you will be able to attach the accessories according to your needs. Pick up the sniper rifle to get maximum advantage. You will get available accessories like bolt, hop-up, barrels, springs, pistons, and trigger assembly.

  • Ammunition:

There are several different sorts of ammunition for the best airsoft sniper guns. They range from very high quality to low quality and substantial weight to lightweight.

Purpose of Airsoft Gun

The air gun can be used for multiple purposes like haunting, playing indoor games, outdoor fun, as well as pests reliever. Some of the other benefits of having the best airsoft snipers are:

  • Recreations:

Best sniper rifle is a perfect recreation shooting guns to turn your boring time into a playtime fun. They are same as paintballs, but in airsoft rifle, recreational shooting can only be done after wearing protective gears.

  • Target Shooting:

The rifles are best for target shooting as they have much accuracy. The plus point of the airsoft sniper rifles is that the guns have long barrel length that allows you to select targets at long ranges.

  • Animal Control:

Another important reason for using the sniper rifle is to control the population of animals. People find that airsoft rifles are useful tools for this purpose.

We know that many kinds of unwanted animals can harm property anywhere in rural and urban life. Rats, birds, squirrels, and other animals can also damage crops. Sometimes, they can even become the cause of some significant health issues.

The best airsoft rifle lets you frighten and scare away those animals or birds without causing them any severe harm. Yes, of course, not all rifles are non-lethal to animals. Some high-velocity snipers can even kill small animals like rats, rabbits, or squirrels.

These airsoft rifles are also very much famous for playing hunting games.

Different Types of Sniper Rifles For Hunting To Choose

Below are three common types of airsoft sniper rifles include:

  • Battery powered:

These are the same as spring-loaded rifles. Instead of manually cocking the gun, a battery-powered store the spring. There are different sorts of cells such as Automatic Electric Guns (AGEs) allow a higher price and quality. Electric Guns (MPEGs) a mid-range one. And the cheapest is Electric Guns (LPEGs). All of them have a similar electric-powered disk. The only significant difference is the quality, longevity, and the price of the battery.

  • Spring powered:

A spring-powered gun requires to be cocked every time before use. You just need to pull the spring back to perform each shot. This is the least expensive as well as a slow firing rifle. Also, these are the less powerful rifles in common.

  • Gas powered:

This one is the best among all of them. You will feel a traditional rifle experience with the gas cartridge. This will be the most reliable rifle which is used by professional hunters and sportsmen.

Although, BBs is essential, never buy useless BBs from other local stores. Try to get a .25s or heavier, being a heavier BB will be more perfect. A moderate BB (less than 23) allows more range but has the limited accuracy. And with the limited precision, your main shots will bend dramatically above distance. Try to avoid those rifles that are already lighter than 23.

Choose the right type of airsoft sniper rifle. The airsoft sniper rifles come up with durable material. Some of them are generally made of plastic material, and some of them are metal.

If you prefer shooting informally, then a metal material would be perfect for you. It will stay long and can stay reliable in cold or wet weather.

Though, if you are an indoor person and want to buy a rifle just for fun, then the plastic material would be your choice. The plastic rifle is available at less high price as well.

Go for the best manufacturing quality, as this is very important, and a good quality rifle can stay longer and perform better.

Never make compromises on the quality of the product.

Choose the right airsoft sniper rifle which is right in manufacturing and high in quality. These rifles are great for pay time fun as well as for professional use. For playing indoor, plastic guns are always a better choice. The plastic airsoft sniper rifle is easy to use and is one of the best cheap airsoft sniper rifles.

There are two types of airsoft guns, one has plastic material, and the other is made from metal. Choose the airsoft sniper rifle according to your need.

The best quality about the sniper rifle is that it can cover a long-distance range easily. Just point your target and shoot.

25 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifles [2023 Review]

Therefore, to make the selection of the best airsoft rifle easy for you, we just compiled the top quality 25 airsoft hunting rifles. You may read the details about our top best airsoft snipers reviews below.

1. Well Spec-Ops MB13A Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Best Budget)

Well SPEC-OPS MB13A APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper...
  • Full metal receiver and outer barrel
  • Precision Bipod
  • Precision Rifle Scope

Overview: This Airsoft Sniper Rifle by Well is one of the most durable ones on our list. This product gives you a close to really feel with its Pistol grip and M4 LE lock system. If you are an M4 user, this is your product. Well, Spec-Ops MB13A comes with a bolt assembly that is easy to operate. It is made with reasonably priced polycarbonate materials for its compact design and lightweight.

Well, Spec-Ops MB13A Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

The barrel and the bolt of this airsoft sniper rifle are built with metal. They offer excellent quality and high accuracy. You also get a 480 fps scope and a bipod stand with this rifle. It would be a complete package for you that would help you take down your opponents.

If you are looking for high accuracy and extreme durability with your sniper rifle, you should check out this product. The amazing this about this product is you can get it in a fairly reasonable price range. It doesn’t cost much and still offers the same level of features as any other heavy-duty sniper rifle.

This product comes in black color and also features a 45 days warranty. It has a velocity of about 450 to 500 fps. Well Spec-Ops MB13A is one of the fastest and the most accurate airsoft sniper rifles that you can find out there. The rifle would also help you attach many additional accessories with it like lasers, optics, and bipod. Check this product out when shopping for airsoft sniper rifles because you won’t get a better deal in this price range.        

  • Made with premium quality materials
  • Sturdy blend of Polycarbonate and pure metal components
  • Lightweight product that is easy to carry around
  • Easy to set up
  • Comes with a Bipod stand and a scope
  • Durable build quality
  • A bit expensive than most products on our list
  • Magazine Capacity is not Much

2. WellFire APS SR-2 Metal Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Lightweight)

Overview: WellFire is one of the most popular airsoft sniper rifles brands for airsoft player that is knowns for its quality airsoft sniper rifles that offer excellent accuracy. Everything about this product, from design to shooting accuracy to magazine capacity is just remarkable. It would be great for your next airsoft sniper rifling endeavor.

WellFire APS SR-2 Metal Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review

This product, hands down are one of the best ones on our list. It has excellent design and sturdy build quality. Plus, the features that it has to offer are hard to find in this price range. WellFir has excellent shooting velocity and can shoot about 450 fps. It is a long rifle that comes with a bipod stand and a scope.

If you are looking to make accurate long-distance shots, this is the product for you. It is a tactical sniper rifle that would go a long way with you in your sniping journey. The design is made with durable materials and is expected to last a long time.

Out of all the products that we have on our list, this product is most likely to deliver the sniping results that you are looking for. This is one of the best airsoft sniper rifles that you can find out there.

  • Lightweight design that looks Great
  • Comes with M4 retractable stock
  • Comes with 450 FPS velocity
  • Comes with bolt action operation
  • Easy to set up
  • Includes a bipod and a scope
  • The build quality is just remarkable
  • Offers excellent shooting accuracy
  • Might be a bit expensive
  • Not so portable

3. BBTac Airsoft Guns Complete Package (Best Choice)

BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - Long Range Sniper -...
  • POWERFUL SPRING LOADED - Included Airsoft Rifle and Shotgun...
  • REALISTIC REPLICA - Airsoft gun replicas with detailed...
  • READY TO PLAY - Package included airsoft 6mm pellets ammo to...

Overview: For people who want a complete airsoft gun collection and want to buy it all at a reasonable price, this package is for them. This BBTac airsoft guns package offers you a wide range of weaponry you can use per the game’s requirement. All the products in this package are from BBTac and offer excellent operation features. It would be a great choice for you because you won’t get a better deal on these products anywhere else.

BBTac Airsoft Guns Complete Package Review

All the guns in the package come with Spring Loaded features. You get an Airsoft rifle, a shotgun, and some average guns that generate excellent shooting power and accuracy. The products in this package are the exact replicas of the original models.

So, if you want a close-to-real feel with your shooting experience, we recommend your try out these guns. The package comes with 12-gram BBs and 6-mm pellets. The best thing about these guns is they are easy to load. They don’t weigh much, and you can find the best fit for yourself.

When we talk about the best airsoft sniper for beginners, BBTac products are the ones that immediately come to mind. And now with this amazing package, there is no point in not going for these airsoft sniper rifles.

  • Complete Airsoft guns package in a reasonable price range
  • Excellent build quality
  • Awesome design that looks great
  • Easy to carry guns
  • Airsoft Sniper Rifle delivers excellent shooting speed and accuracy
  • The build quality is not so great
  • Some users have complaints about the shooting accuracy

4. Well mk96 Airsoft Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle (Fastest Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

de airsoft shadow ops mk96 bolt action sniper...
  • well l96 airsoft sniper rifle
  • extra equiptment

Overview: The mk96 airsoft sniper rifle is an upgrade to the previous versions released by the Well. This gun takes your airsoft shooting experience to a whole new level with its lightweight and extreme portability. It has a woodland custom paint job done on it that gives you a close-to-real feel when shooting with this gun. You would be making a fine choice if you decide to invest in this sniper rifle.

Well, mk96 Airsoft Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle Review

It comes with a sturdy bipod stand. The scope that comes with this gun allows you to locate your targets over large distances. Lock on to your target, take a deep breath, and shoot. You won’t miss your target with this airsoft sniper rifle. You can consider the custom crossbow scope from the best crossbow scope for the low light to select the right scope for the low light.

It comes with a 32 rounds magazine that delivers excellent shooting performance. The best thing about this product is its shooting speed. You can shoot at the rate of about 650 fps which is higher than most products on our list.

All in all, this product would be a great addition to your airsoft sniper rifles catalog. It has everything that you would need in your sniper rifle. Make sure to invest in this product when looking for the most accurate airsoft rifle.       

  • High Speed Shooting with extreme accuracy
  • Easy to carry around
  • Compact design that is easy to handle
  • Shoots at about 650 fps
  • Comes with a 32 magazines round
  • Durable build quality
  • It is a bit expensive
  • The shooting accuracy gets affected over large distances

5. Velocity Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 (With Bipod & Scope)

well l96 spring sniper airsoft rifle w/ bi-pod and...
  • Tri-rail Bipod Adaptor, Metal Fluted Barrel
  • Heavy Weight & Realistic Feel, 472 fps
  • Mono-pod, Side Folding Stock

Overview: If you are looking for a lightweight solution for your airsoft sniper rifle needs, then you should take a look at the latest L96 Velocity Airsoft Sniper Rifle. This product is made with premium quality materials that offer excellent shooting speed and high accuracy. Although it is a bit expensive, the features that it has to offer to make the price seem fairly reasonable.

Velocity Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 Review

It shoots at a speed of about 355 fps. Velocity Airsoft is about 37.5 inches long and can be set up pretty easily. The rifle comes with a Bipod Stand and a scope. If you are a pro airsoft sniper, then you have to check out this product. It would deliver excellent shooting accuracy from small to medium distances.

It comes with a huge capacity magazine that can hold about 100 BBs at once. This reduces your need to reload the magazine over and over again. It is made with Sturdy ABS plastic, so you can expect it to last for a long time.

This product is one of the most accurate sniper rifles that you can find out there. Make sure to check this product out when shopping for airsoft sniper rifles online.

  • Suited for beginner as well as Pro Snipers
  • Made with ABS plastic Materials
  • The magazine comes with BBs capacity of 100 bullets
  • It is a long sniper rifle that comes with a Bipod and a Scope
  • Easy to carry around
  • Excellent build quality
  • It shoots at about 355 FPS
  • Shooting Velocity is not Good enough (In comparison with most products on our list)
  • Price is a bit much for value

6. Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550 (The Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle with 500 FPS 2020)

This high-powered airsoft Sniper Rifle is the most advanced and greatest spring sniper rifle to run the market. It shoots at a marvelous 550 fps, and its design is also very cool. This is the best sniper rifle as it comes with the right and essential accessories for your sniping wants, such as the Basile 4×32 Rifle bipod and scope.

Spring Bolt Action Well m187d fps-550 Review

This gun is easy to assemble and always set ready to start the fun. This rifle is coming with all the best accessories and parts, shooting at 550 FPS which is quiet until now.

The m187d fps-550 is provided with metal cylinder parts and trigger parts for strength and reliability. It additionally has a retractable polymer stock that increases or decreases the overall size of the rifle.

The M187 is available with the best package and accessories. The gun is entirely upgradeable, very light in weight, and apparently accurate. Direct from the company, it comes full of the gun, a 4×32 Bosile scope with lens caps, Bi-Pod, Magazine, and all the other necessary hardware you need.

If you want to enjoy the battling time with a less expensive rifle, this sniper rifle is the right choice. As its performance is good as well as design.

  • Durable
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great accessories
  • Good quality
  • Expensive as compared to the other packages.

7. BT-MB01B Airsoft AGM Metal Bolt (Best Cheap Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

Airsoft AGM Metal Bolt Action L96 AWP Sniper Rifle...
  • Package dimensions - 85.09 cm L X 28.194 cm W X 10.921 cm H
  • Package weight - 4.082 kilograms
  • Made with high quality materials

An excellent gun for beginners, as it’s super cheap in price as well. According to the best airsoft rifle reviews, the gun has attached clips, which is a readily available accessory in stores. So, if by chance, you broke the clips, you can buy it from the shops easily.

BT-MB01B Airsoft AGM Metal Bolt Review

This is the best airsoft rifle because it is made from a durable metal material for outdoor use. It is a 96-type sniper rifle that can cover a long-distance range.

The sniper rifle is super easy to assemble just with two pieces of construction. This is a duplicate model of military guns used by military organizations.

AGM metal bolt action L96 is a powerful rifle that shoots to at 450 FPS with 0.20g BBs. The gun is featured a spring powered bolt action assembly and a full metal barrel, which is why it is easy to assemble.

With an adjustable cheek rest, this airsoft rifle has a solid ABS stock. The most powerful and easy-to-use L96 airsoft sniper rifle is available in economical.

The rifle will be coming with a 30-round magazine, speed loader, rifle sling, small pack of BBs, and a manual. This is a type of “spring rifle.” You will also get 30 days return warranty.

  • Adjustable Hop-up
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable butt-stock
  • Adjustable cheek pad
  • Easy to assemble
  • No bipod
  • No scope
  • No spare mag

8. HK SL9 6mm Airsoft BB Sniper Rifle (Best Airsoft Sniper 2020)

HK SL9 6mm Airsoft BB Sniper Rifle
  • High Torque Motor
  • Metal Gears
  • Full/Semi Auto

This is the most anticipated and best bb airsoft sniper rifle of all time. This is a modified gun which undergone from its real version. The gun comes with a complete metal barrel extension as well as a bipod for excellent sniper support.

Some of the main features of HK SL9 are thumbhole stock & ABS plastic radio, a shot speed of 440-460 fps and a 35 rd magazine. It also has an adjustable hop-up. The gun is excellent if you want front-line attack action.

However, the speed of shooting can cover the long-distance area and shoot accurately. The gun is very light in weight and can perform better either in indoor or outdoor places.

Manufacturing quality is good, and the size of the barrel is perfect for beginners. The sleek and shiny design with clean and unique features.

Somehow, the inside features the same excellent quality and high-performance components. You would love this new addition in the airsoft BB Sniper rifle. Though, the inner barrel length is the same as a PSG1 length at 660mm but in a modified design.

With the help of its long barrel, you will be capable of reaching further than many assets AEG’s on the area. Lastly, the gun highlight a Functioning Blowback System is providing the gun an original appearance and layout! The Elite Force SL9 delivers an excellent DMR platform.

HK SL9 is good airsoft sniper for indoor playing activities.

  • Shoots great
  • Design is good
  • Light weight
  • Great quality
  • Hop-up is hard to adjust
  • Bi-pod is not good
  • Silencer is hollow

9. BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Most Accurate Airsoft Sniper)

Well MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle w/...
  • WELL Collectible Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • One Piece Precision Metal Barrel and Metal Trigger Housing
  • Velocity: 450-500 Fps

This one is the best bb sniper rifle as it is excellent for the long-targeted points or sniping target training. It is a fully spring-loaded airsoft sniper rifle that allows you to shoot 450FPS+ further.

Also, help you to easily magnify your spot up to 3x closer as compared to your original view, and make it easy for a perfect hit. The accuracy is excellent and shot directly to the straight point. The fully spring-loaded gun is here for you to make your practice easy and enjoyable.

It also has a type of button, and while pressing of the switch, a kind of clip will automatically pop right out easily which allows you to reload the gun or further load another clip. However, this clip is strong enough to hold up to 24 BBs.

This sniper rifle set comes ready to play without requiring any other accessories, as everything is included. Somehow, the BBTac Advanced Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle MB06 SR-2 is a different and moreover, a compact rifle that gives accuracy and power.

Despite its short profile, it is tied with power and pre-upgraded to shoot effectively at 450-500 FPS approx. With high efficiency and range. It is one of the most accurate airsoft snipers.

Easy to use and compact size for practices. No more extra accessories just a gun with attached pieces of equipment.

  • Light weight
  • Shoots far and accurate
  • Speed is good
  • Manufacturing quality is not good
  • Stock seems flimsy

10. Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle (Best Spring Airsoft Sniper)

Save Now
Game Face 52004 Sniper Carbine GF29 Spring-Powered...
  • METAL BARREL WITH PICATINNY RAILS - For your accessories
  • VELOCITIES UP TO 425 fps - 29-Round magazine compatible with...

The Game Face GF529 Carbine FPS-425 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle is powered by a spring sniper-style airsoft rifle, easy to shoot for long distances.

It is very lightweight and made from ABS plastic stock which is very comfortable to take for long fights. Game face GF529 is the best spring airsoft sniper.

The slingshot mounts on the handle grip and back part of the stock let you connect a gun sling for an extra carrying opportunity. The rifle unit is readily available to get fully upgraded and includes rails for adding more scopes and several other accessories.

The package of the gun includes a cleaning rod, 29-round magazine, and speed loader. The Game Face GF529 Carbine 425 FPS Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle is an entirely functional that bears in the magazine of any airsoft hobbyist and collector.

The features of the gun include: one-piece precision metal barrel for long-distance shooting, a spring powered loaded gun, perform in a bolt-action, adjustable hop-up, and 29 round easy to load the magazine.

This is a spring-loaded best airsoft gun which needs to be cocked each time while shooting. The rifle is fast and clean, it is also cheap in price and can maintain easily.

It doesn’t need any batteries or gas. Also, Spring Airsoft Guns are the most durable, most long-lasting of all Airsoft Guns. If you want to play and enjoy the fun moment, then this airsoft rifle sniper is the best choice for you.

  • Thick barrel
  • Fine hop-up
  • Consistent and straight shots
  • Sling points are not good
  • Little bit messy as the oil on the bolt needs to change repeatedly.

11. Evike Red Dragon (Powerful Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

Evike - Red Dragon Spring Powered Airsoft Sniper...
  • ◙ This is not a listing for an individual Airsoft part. No...
  • APS plastic construction
  • Aggressive design

Overview: Red Dragon Spring Powered Sniper Rifle is another powerful, high accuracy airsoft sniper rifle by Evike. Although the build is plastic but its APS so you can expect it to e quite durable. It has a magazine capacity of 1015 mm and Muzzle velocity of 15 rounds.

Evike Red Dragon Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

It has a 280 FPS rate which is tested 0.2g BBs. It’s a single shot sniper Rifle made with the highest standards of safety and quality. And it includes all basic accessories like Gun, Magazine, a scope and a bipod. You can get extra accessories but that would cost extra money from your pocket. Also, it requires no gas or battery and being plastic made, it is quite easy to move around.

The best thing about this rifle is the price that it comes with. You can get all the basic features in a fairly reasonable price. In fact, it is way more reasonable than most of the airsoft sniper rifles in our list. 

  • Durable Molded Polymer + Plastic Build
  • Comes with Two 25 rounds Magazines
  • Bolt pull can be adjusted to Support left-hand or right-hand Control
  • Comes with an Adjustable Hop up
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with a Bipod Stand
  • There are some complaints about the Hop up not being so great

12. Echo 1 A.S.R (Best Spring Airsoft Sniper)

Overview: If you are looking for a sniper rifle hat is stylish yet powerful then you should go for Echo 1 A.S.R. The sniper rifle build is a great blend of Plastic Finishing with metal barrel assembly and receivers. Also, the grip is quite sturdy so, it would be great for beginners.

Echo 1 A.S.R Airsoft Spring Sniper Rifle Review

It has FPS rates of about 430 with 0.2g BBs and about 400 with 0.25g BBs. Echo 1 A.S.R comes with an adjustable Bipod stand that it added with the whole package. Also, it includes two magazines each can do 25 rounds. The Bolt put is ambidextrous; it can be adjusted for both the left and the right hand use. The best part is, there is space provided on the rifle where you can put a camera and record your gameplay.

It has a 455mm inner barrel and a diameter of about 6.06mm. Echo 1 A.S.R weighs about 4 pounds so might be a little bit heavier to move around. But since the build is strong, you can expect it to last for much longer. The ergonomic and ambidextrous design makes it a perfect choice for beginners.   

  • Durable Molded Polymer + Plastic Build
  • Comes with Two 25 rounds Magazines
  • Bolt pull can be adjusted to Support left-hand or right-hand Control
  • Comes with an Adjustable Hop up
  • Easy to Use
  • Comes with a Bipod Stand
  • There are some complaints about the Hop up not being so great

13. Well MB08 (Best Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

Overview: Well airsoft sniper rifles have a great name in the Market. Their MB08 is another amazing addition to their top of the line airsoft sniper rifles. It is a unique blend of Strength, Style and Accuracy. Well MB08 is made with solid ABS construction which is not their heavy yet still is quite durable.

Well MB08 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

It comes with a monopod and a side folding stock. These features are not common in most airsoft sniper rifles but since WELL has decided to take things up a notch, they have tried their best to add all the unique features that they can to make it the first  choice for every beginner. The FPS rates for this Sniper Rifle are 400 with 0.20g BBs but if you want more accuracy, we recommend you use 0.28g BBs.

It comes with a metal barrel and an Bipod. The bolt actions and the Adjustable Hop up are a great addition to MB08’s set of features. Overall, it is a pretty great spring airsoft sniper rifle that you can get under fairly reasonable price.      

  • Unique and Stylish Build
  • 400 feet per second rates with 0.20g BBs
  • Comes with a metal barrel
  • Includes a Bipod and Easy Bolt Action
  • Easy to operate
  • A bit expensive than most products in our list

14. UTG type 96 (Best Long Range Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

UTG Type 96 Black Airsoft Sniper Rifle with Scope...
  • Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • The bolt action rifle

Overview: UTG type 96 is the best longest-range airsoft sniper rifle in terms of long range shooting accuracy. Its performance is incomparable when it comes to shooting objects in a long range. It is made with high end materials and would work pretty great when you need to shoot long range targets.

UTG type 96 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

You can attach an optional Rifle Scope with the Picatinny mounting rail system that is built on the Rifle. It also has a 23RD magazine and a Shot Velocity of 480FPS. UTG Type 96 comes with an adjustable Hop up for highest levels of accuracy and a Once piece precision metal barrel. The Rifle is a great blend of Metal and ABS plastic. In fact, most of the build is metal, just the Stock is ABS. It can be easily assembled and used.

It also comes with some pretty great extra features. UTG type 96 airsoft metal is made with highest standards of performance and safety. UTG type 96 is highly accurate and can shoot targets in long distances. It is a fairly reasonable choice for an airsoft sniper rifle.        

  • ABS + Metal Build
  • Maximum of 480FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Comes with a Precision Metal Barrel
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy to Carry around
  • The Design could’ve been more Ergonomic

15. TSD Tactical Series SD700 (Best Airsoft Sniper Gun)

TSD Tactical Series SD700 - Black Airsoft Gun
  • Warranty: 30 Day Limited Warranty
  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

Overview: TSD tactical series SD700 is the closest to the real thing that you can get. It is used professional law enforcement and field agents for training. With tis Rifle, you get high accuracy with the least amount of sound with greater Shot velocity.

TSD Tactical Series SD700 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

The Rifle has an all black finish including the stock. It is a pretty awesome blend of plastic and metal. The stock and the bolt action are made of metal. It comes with a scope rail. TSD Tactical Series SD700 is made with highest levels of safety and quality. Also, the build is quite durable so you can expect it to last under much challenging conditions.

TSD Tactical Series SD700 has FPS rates of 420-450 with 0.20g BBs. It is a single shot airsoft sniper level that is the closest to the actual thing that you can get.

This rifle comes with an adjustable Hop up for greater accuracy. Most of the finishing is metal made, only some parts are plastic. Components like stock and trigger guard are plastic, the rest of the rifle is metal made.   

  • Metal + ABS Build Design
  • Comes with a Metal Barrel and a Metal Bolt Action
  • Includes Adjustable Hop up and Scope Rail
  • Light Weight Design that is easy to carry around
  • 450FPS with 0.20g BBs
  • Bolt Action is a little bit sloppy
  • You’d have to buy a Scope separately

16. KJW MK1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Best For Beginners)

KJW MK1 Carbine Gas Airsoft Rifle
  • Full Size, Heavy Weight, Metal Barrel
  • Adjustable Metal Hop-up, Fixed Stock
  • Functional Safety Switch, Four-way Adjustable Rear Sight

Overview: KJW MK1 is a perfect airsoft sniper rifle for beginners. It is lightweight, the size is compact, and the grip is quite strong. You can easily carry it around and set it up for taking an accurate shot at your competition.

KJW MK1 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

It has a metal barrel which gives the same feel as a real sniper rifle. KJW MK1 comes with an adjustable Hop-up and a fixed stock. The rear sight is adjustable as well. It is made with durable quality materials that offer it excellent durability. The design is state of the art and the ease of use is just impressive. You won’t find a better deal for the best airsoft sniper gun under this price range.   

  • Compact Design Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  • Includes a Metal Barrel
  • Fast Shooting Velocity
  • Available in an affordable price range
  • Great user reviews in Amazon
  • Some users have complaints about the build quality
  • The Shooting Velocity is just ok

17. Well L96 AW (Cheap Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle...
  • Capacity: 25 Rounds Velocity (Approx): 420 fps With .20g Hop...

Overview: This product is another spectacular addition to the amazon line of premium quality airsoft sniper rifles by WELL. This product, Well L96 offers a seamless, close to real sniping experience in an affordable price range. From the build quality to shooting accuracy, everything about this product is simply extraordinary.

Well L96 AWP Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

It has a capacity for 25 consecutive rounds. This sniper rifle can shoot with a velocity of about 420FPS which is better than most products on our list, under this price range. The thing that makes this product stand out is its excellent design. It is ergonomic and offers top-notch shooting efficiency. Well L96 is a bolt action rifle that comes with a quality, metal bolt system. All the features that this product has to offer make it a decent choice for an airsoft sniper rifle.          

  • Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
  • Offers close to real shooting experience with excellent long-range efficiency
  • Comes with a Soft Rubber Stock
  • The build quality is great
  • Great user reviews on Amazon
  • Not suited for beginners
  • Might be a bit hard to handle
  • A bit expensive

18. Camo M4 M16 (Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle)

Camo M4 M16 Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle AEG...
  • Semi Automatic New Generation Airsoft Electric Gun
  • Adjustable Electronic Gun sight
  • Includes 200 6 mm BBs

Overview: If you are looking for a close to real sniping experience with your airsoft sniper rifle, then you should go for this Camo Sniper Rifle by Double Eagle. It is a professional grade airsoft sniper rifle that has premium-grade build quality and long shooting range.

Camo M4 M16 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

The velocity of the BBs is not much, you only get a 200FPS velocity which is not so great. Still, the durability offered by this sniper is hard to find in any other sniper rifle on our list. It is an electronic gun that would generate great impact and excellent accuracy. Camo M4 M16 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that minimizes the shooting efforts on your part. Just focus on the target and this rifle would help you get it right.     

  • Camo Sniper Rifle that includes semi-automatic features
  • Offers a shooting velocity of 200FPS
  • Incudes a Magazine Capacity of 40
  • Easy to carry around
  • Compact Design
  • Can be combined with a stand
  • Hard to handle for beginners
  • The shooting velocity is not that impressive

19. Spring MB07a (Best Bolt Action Sniper)

Overview: Spring MB07a is class-design, airsoft sniper rifle that gives you the feel of the old days. The design is a decent blend of wood and quality plastic that loos great. It is one of the most highly accurate airsoft sniper rifles that you can find online.

Spring MB07a Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review

It comes with a stand, so you won’t have to spend money on it separately. If you are looking for an airsoft sniper rifle that looks classic and works great, then this is the product for you. Plus, it is available in an affordable price range. The build quality is durable, and it would last a long time. With all the features that it has to offer, it seems like a viable choice for the best bolt action sniper rifle.    

  • Efficient Shooting experience combined with a Classic Look
  • Comes with a Bipod Stand
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Available in an affordable price range
  • Might take a while getting used
  • Not suited for beginners

20. Double Eagle M4 (Longest Range Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

Overview: Double Eagle M4 Electric Airsoft sniper rifle is one of the best camo sniper rifles on our list. It is made with Hardened ABS plastic and the overall durability is off the charts. Double Eagle M4 quite literally is one of the long range airsoft sniper rifle that you can find online.

Double Eagle M4 Electric Airsoft Sniper Rifle Review

This sniper rifle is designed to replicate the original sniper rifle designs to give a real feel. It offers a shooting velocity of 260FPS. The impact generated the sniper rifle is amazing and results in extraordinary accuracy. Double eagle m4 comes with a mini scope to enlarge the targets. It is a versatile airsoft sniper rifle that is worth checking out.        

  • Excellent Design that replicates an original rifle
  • Hardened ABS Plastic Build
  • Offers 260FPS shooting velocity
  • Durable design
  • Camo colored sniper rifle
  • The shooting velocity is just average
  • A bit expensive

21. BBTac BT59 (Best Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle)

bbtac bt59 airsoft sniper rifle bolt action type...
  • Replica Sniper Rifle Airsoft Gun
  • Comes with clip mag, sling, scope and bipod.
  • Has rails at the top and bottom for scope and bipod...

This gun is primarily made up of according to those video games counterstrike. A BT59 airsoft bolts energy sniper rifle by BBTac. This is a kind of replica to those video games guns like counterstrike.

BBTac BT59 Review

Though, it begins with a magazine that is able of carrying approximately 25 cartridges of BBs and also it has included sling. The base is built from durable ABS plastic as well as adjustable hop-up for your safety.

The rifle usually can fire around 400+ FPS managing 0.20g BBs. Spring bolt action is the best airsoft guns that want you to be ready and before a shoot, cock each time.

There would be no need of batteries and gas to operate the gun. It is very light in weight and easy to just hit up and begin to use right away. Some extra accessories are also included in box package are a bipod and scope.

It also has rails at the bottom and top for bipod and scope attachments. The shot speed is good and can cover a very long-distance area easily.

  • Light weight
  • Durable quality
  • Hard shooting
  • Adjustable cheek rest
  • Need to purchase a scope

22. Metallic MK98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle (Best Airsoft Sniper)

The Bravo MK98 Sniper Rifle is referred to as real steel sniper rifle which is also same as the L96 sniper rifle. This rifle frequently is used by an army and many other organizations to perform an operation.

Metallic MK98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Review

The gun is based on performing better and its perfect for outdoor use. This replica MK98 can turn yourself into a real one sniper. It features many essential parts include a suitable cheek rest and a tactical rail portion that is also perfect for the increasing of scopes or additional optics.

The rifle will be coming with a spring-loaded bipod that guarantees that you can hold your gun durable and shots accurately on almost any area. Furthermore, the comfortably designed grip and stock offer this rifle remarkably convenient for the people to keep it practiced on target.

It will also feature adjustable hop-up and spring release magazine. The magazine capacity is 30rds, and the velocity is 400fps. The gun is excellent for professional use as well as playing.

You will love this gun which is very light in weight, accurate and shoots far away. Although, the rifle is perfect and feels a great comfort while holding it. This the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle which shoots remote long-distance areas.

  • Shoots accurate
  • Covers long distance areas
  • Light in weight
  • Durable quality
  • Need to learn the techniques before using it.

23. Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG (Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle 2020)

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Soft Air Thompson M1A1 Electric Powered Airsoft...
  • POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 320-365 FPS with .20g ammo via 8.4v small...
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic
  • REPLICA: made with heavy duty polymer and metal for a...

The soft air Thompson is one of the best airsoft sniper having some unique features. The gun is made from Steel gears including a full metal bolstered gearbox. It also has an adjustable Hop-Up shooting operation and selectable full auto/Semi-automatic shots styles, besides with a practical safety mode.

Soft Air Thompson M1A1 AEG Review

Its features include 380th Hi-Capacity Metal stick magazine (which can be adjusted with the Drum mag), a Premium affected wood grain surface, and a Tactical Sling.

The gun would be shots with the velocity power of 380-400FPS with a .20g BB. Around. 14 RPS (Rounds Per Second). The gun will arrive with an included 8.4v 1100Mah Small Battery and a given charger.

The gun is powerful enough to shoot far and with accurate speed. Love the design and layout of the rifle which can make the shooting more enjoyable and more exceptional.

Though, the gun is battery operated, so you need to put the battery in the stock area. The gun is perfect and shoots accurate and looks decent as well.

  • Great weight
  • Great feel
  • Fps is good
  • Durable quality
  • Battery drain too fast

24. BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle (Best Airsoft Gun 2023)

l96 bolt action spring rifle w/ bipod & scope...
  • Airsoft Sniper Rifle BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring with Bipod &...
  • Powerful Spring Action
  • Realistic Airsoft Sniper Rifle Replica

The BBTac L96 is an excellent replica based which is the famous AWP sniper rifle. It has Highlighting a sizeable one-part aluminium barrel for accuracy and range, it is performed by a unique bolt system. BT-L96 is also loaded with extra accessories such as mock scope with easy to detachable laser and even a folding bipod.

BT-L96 Bolt Action Spring Sniper Rifle Review

Though, as a spring gun, it should be cocked every time before shooting. And same as that, this gun also needs to be a cock for each shot. It’s clean, fast, less expensive and most of it, easily maintained.

It needs no batteries as well as no gas to operate. This one is the best airsoft rifle which is more reliable and toughest one among all the guns. This gun is actually made up from a few breakable parts.

The performance of the rifle is excellent, and it is very light in weight as well. Let your fun begins with this BT-L96 bolt action rifle. The rifle will perform better, and it perfectly suits every individual.

  • Accurate and appealing quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Uses spring eliminates
  • Not as stylish as others
  • Bipod loses sometimes.

25. Soft Air COLT RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit (High Powered Airsoft Snipers)

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Colt Soft Air RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle and Pistol...
  • POWERFUL SPRING: Rifle 300 FPS with 6 millimeter ammo;...
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in a single shot
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF – Lay back and relax onto this...

The Colt M4 on duty kit provides you with the necessary gear for your following airsoft action. It is powered by a spring power M4 R.I.S. Airsoft rifle that elevates BBs out at around 340fps.

Soft Air COLT RIS Spring Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit Review

The permitted Colt 1911 pistol is able to reach velocities of 240fps further. The rifle’s basic points allow various types of changes for customizations, adjustable stock and as well as vertical handgrip enable different forms for users’ convenience.

The connected mounting rail and spotlight with elastic band give you a comfortable and accurate targeting spot navigation. If you think that it’s not enough then check out the unique 500 ultrasonic premia BBs and two spotlight units; one for each gun. It will also include a Colt M4 R.I.S. Rifle and Colt 1911 pistol.

Soft Air does not merely matter what shooting circumstances you get yourself in, the M4-1911 spring powered airsoft pistol is the best airsoft pistol. The Rifle Ops Kit also provides you the defense feedback.

This kit covers a Colt 1911 Spring Powered Air Pistol with a speed of 210 fps and a 22 yd. Shooting range. For long-drawn, more sturdy shots an M4 RIS Rifle that can support 300 BBs and fire up to 147 ft. A velocity of 300 fps is also covered in the Colt M4-1911 Spring Powered Pistol and Rifle Ops Kit.
  • Durable plastic/polymer and very hard
  • Good fps
  • Accurate
  • Easy to assemble
  • Vertical grip is shaky

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Airsoft Sniper Rifle FAQs

What is the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle?

BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action is the best bolt action airsoft sniper rifle with 400+ FPS and is lightweight.

What is the reason to choose the best sniper rifle gun?

The sniper rifle gun is the best option if you are new to the world of airsoft competition games. There are two significant reasons for this.
1. You can learn to focus on the target of the bird’s eye view.
2. You can learn the typical stable-shooting techniques.
What type of equipment’s do you need for the competitive airsoft game?
Along with your best airsoft sniper gun, you need the following equipment’s,
A lightweight armor to cover your body, especially your chest and legs.
Camouflage, if you are playing in the wooded area or in the forest.
Radio or a walkie-talkie.
Protective eyewear’s, essential to protect your eye from injury.

Why should I go for a sniper rifle instead of an ordinary airsoft gun?

When it comes to a professional target shooting, the sniper rifles are best for this purpose. For long-distance target shooting the sniper rifle gun is the best option. It provides more accuracy as compared to the ordinary airsoft gun.

Best airsoft sniper guns are also the right choice if you want to hunt small animals from a long distance. The most important use of the best airsoft rifle in the competition matches between professional players of airsoft.

How do sniper rifles are essential for competitive airsoft sports?

An airsoft team needs specialists, who have excellent command in operating different weapons. Each member of the airsoft team has a particularly unique skill which is necessary for the team to win. Almost every airsoft team has at least one professional sniper shooter.

Although snipers are the hidden character of the team, they play a significant role in the airsoft competition. The main job of snipers is to watch the movement of all the players in the playing field. As a sniper shooter, you can connect with your team members through a walkie-talkie and help them to coordinate their activities.

What is the Best Airsoft Sniper?

The best airsoft snipers should be right in shooting accuracy, should have a reliable base, and high-quality manufacturing material. Always keep in mind to check how far the rifle fires and is the rifle made of durable material or metal.

Final Verdict:

After reviewing all the products in detail, now it becomes clear to you which top quality products are available on the market.

Now, it becomes quite easy for you to select the best airsoft sniper gun according to your needs.  We tried our best to give you’re the details about all the unique features of these products.

Our team also explains to you the material quality, brand and the different accessories available with the products on our blog.

The above mentioned are all the branded and best airsoft rifles that have a unique build quality than any other on the market.

Some of the rifle guns do come with high price tags. But sometimes it’s not about the price but its all about what meets your criteria, perfectly.

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