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10 Best Computer Monitor For Eyes Strain In 2023 [Indepth Review]

Best Computer Monitor For Eyes Strain

Best Computer Monitor For Eyes Strain

Best Computer Monitor To Reduce Eyes Strain

Staring on Digital Displays for a prolonged amount of time can have a great impact on your Eye Health. You need the best computer monitor for eyes with the latest eye care technologies to deal with and prevent eye strain issues, Right?

We’ll help you pick out the best computer display that you can buy for the long-term health and Protection of your Eyes.

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Why Do You Need the Best Computer Monitor for Eyes?

If you are an office professional, you most probably spend a lot of time in front of your computer screen at your workplace. Even gamers who spend a lot of hours gaming to get ahead of their competition, they also have to frequently sit in front of their computer monitor for an extended period of time.

Being surrounded by computer monitors the entire day can have a great effect on your eyesight. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons why most people develop problems like weak eyesight or a kind of Pain in the Eye issue.

So, let’s get started: With the most common questions about eye care monitors.

Which monitor is Best Computer Monitor For Eyes Strain?

You need to buy the Best Computer Monitors that come with some kind of Eye Care Technology to protect your eyes from eyesight problems. Acer R240HY bidx Computer Monitor is the best monitor for CAD and for your eyes. It is a high-rated product which is trusted by a huge base of users. 

What type of computer monitor is best for your eyes?

Computer Monitors that come with some kind of Eye Care Technology should be your preferred choice. These technologies include the Blue Lighter Filter, Flicker Free and Anti-Glare Technologies. All these technologies would make a monitor a great choice for you.   

What computer monitor settings are best for eyes?

Keep the contrast value to about 60 to 70 percent. Change it as per your preference i.e. to the value where you feel the most comfortable. Try out different settings for the brightness to find the ones that work the best for you.

Our Saving For Monitor To Reduce Eye Strain [DEALs]

Save NowBestseller No. 1
BenQ GW2780 27 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor...
  • Work Productively and Comfortably: 27 Inch IPS 1080P FHD...
  • Proprietary Eye-Care Tech: Our exclusive Eye-Care technology...
  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality: Our Brightness...
Bestseller No. 2
ASUS VZ279HE 27” Full HD 1080p IPS Eye Care...
  • 27” Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS monitor with a wide 178°...
  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9; Viewing Angle (CR≧10) is 178°/...
  • Flexible connectivity with dual HDMI and VGA ports
Bestseller No. 3
ASUS VG278QR 27” Gaming Monitor 165Hz Full HD...
  • 27 inch Full HD (1920x1080) display with 165Hz refresh rate...
  • G-SYNC compatible technology supported through DisplayPort...
  • Extreme low motion blur (ELMB) technology reduces ghosting...

Buying Guides: 8 Things No One Will Tell You About Monitors

Buying a computer monitor is a long-term investment. You need to make sure that it goes right the first time, or you’ll end up wasting all your money. And for that, you first need to know the important points that you need to consider when buying the best computer monitor reduce eye strain in 2023.

To make things a bit easier for you, here are the most important factors that you need to Consider when Buying the best eyes strain monitor.

1. Monitor Size

The size of the monitor is the very first thing that you need to consider. This would depend on a variety of factors. Although it is mostly about your personal preference, you also need to consider the availability of space at your home or your workplace. Gamers would most likely want to go for bigger screen sizes.

Computer screen come in all kinds of sizes. You just need to know the kind of size that you want and your budget, once you have an idea about that, you can go on and make a purchase. Some people prefer working on multiple screens so for that, you can go on and buy more than one small monitor to create an even classier setup. 

2. Monitor Resolution

This goes without saying that the monitor resolution is one of the best most important things for you to consider. The higher the resolution, the better would be the viewing quality. For most modern computer monitors that are considered to be a standard in offices, they have a 1080p HD resolution. But you can go even hire to 1440p or even 4K depending on your requirements and your budget.

Most of the products that we have reviewed here feature 1080p FHD quality for excellent viewing performance. These monitors are full HD and a great choice for office spaces and for gaming as well.         

3. Response Time

Response time of a computer monitor needs to be as low as possible. Don’t simply just believe what is described in the product description. If you can get your hands on the product, make sure to test it out yourself.

The best response time would mean that the monitor allows quick and seamless transition of images which is great for watching fast-paced videos. Make sure to keep it in mind that the low response time is crucial for seamless movies and gaming experience.

4. Ports & Connectivity

The most common ports that you latest computer monitors come with and the ones that you need to look for are the HDMI port, audio/video connection and a USB port. Some models would allow you for more than one of ports of each type. The number and type of ports also have an effect on the price of the product. So, you might want to keep that under consideration as well.

As a general rule of thumb, you should go for monitors that allow connectivity in terms of multiple ports so that you can have a better experience. These products would be an excellent long-term choice for your office or gaming use.   

5. Type of Panel

When looking for the best computer monitors, you need to know the kind of display it uses. Each kind of display has its own pros and cons. Some are relatively newer than the others. Here is a brief overview of the computer monitor panels that you would find online

6. Viewing Angle

Computer panels that give you about 160 Degree or more viewing angles should be sufficed for office or gaming tasks. Still, the more the merrier. Wide viewing angle would allow you to see at the sides with much more clarity.

It is important for comfortable viewing and for reducing eye strain. The point is, you need to look for the best viewing angle computer monitors that allow you to see all the sides of the screen clearly and with ease.     

7. Eye Care Technology

The computer Monitor that you are planning on buying, make sure that it has proper Eye Care technologies to protect your eyes. There are a lot of eye care technologies that a computer monitor might have.

You need to be aware of these technologies so that you may know what to look for when looking for the best computer monitors for Eye Care.

Some computer monitors feature Flicker Free Technology. This is about the rapid on/off cycle of computer screens that greatly affect your eyes. Along with that, you need to look for Blue Light Filter Technology, Anti-Glare Screen, and the overall ergonomic design of the product.    

8. Price

The price of a computer monitor depends on the features and capabilities that it has to offer. There are a lot of enticing options out there for computer monitors. So, to keep yourself within budget, you need to make sure that you know exactly what you want. This would allow you to narrow down your options and you would be able to make your choice with better confidence.

Over the past few years, computer monitor technologies have also come a long way. You can find computer monitors that along with being high resolution, feature some sort of Eye Care Technology that keeps your Eyes Safe and Healthy. And this is exactly What we are Here to talk about.

Below are the 10 best monitors for eyes that you can buy in 2023. We selected these products based on the Eye Care and Protecting Features that they have to offer. All these products are tested, verified and offer excellent features in a reasonable price range.

10 Best Monitors To Reduce Eye Strain [2023 Picks]

1. Best Overall: Acer R240HY bidx Computer Monitor

Save Now
Acer 23.8” Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS Zero Frame...
  • 23.8" Full HD IPS widescreen with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Response time: 4ms, refresh rate: 60 hertz, pixel pitch:...
  • The zero frame design provides maximum visibility of the...

Overview: The Acer R240HY comes with a 23.8” IPS display with remarkable resolution. The resolution of this monitor is 1920 x 1080. It comes with super-fast response time and an excellent refresh rate. It comes in black finishing and you can choose from multiple screen sizes, as per your preference.

Acer R240HY bidx Computer Monitor Review

This computer monitor for eyes by Acer is a low response time product that features 60Hz refresh rate. The viewing angle is 178 Degree which is wide than most monitors that you find in this price range. It features 16.7 million display colors for unparalleled color accuracy. The design as well as the performance of this product makes it a perfect choice for office use as well as for gaming.

It supports VGA and HDMI hardware interfaces. You can adjust the brightness as well as the contrast of the screen as per your preference. It takes up very little power and would prove to be a cost-effective computer monitor for you in the long run.

All in all, this product has everything that you would want in a standard computer monitor is a resalable price range. Everything about this product, from design to features is great. We highly recommend you check it out.

  • Features a pure black, classy design
  • Offers support for HDMI and VGA connectivity
  • Offers 16.7M display colors
  • Features accurate colors accuracy IPS panel
  • Excellent signal input and response time
  • Brightness and Contrast Can be Adjusted
  • Offers an excellent set of features
  • Durable build Quality
  • 1080p FHD Display
  • Users have reported screen blackout issues
  • Screen Might get fuzzy

2. Best Budget: BenQ IPS Monitor

Save Now
BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD Computer Monitor...
  • Work Productively and Comfortably: 24 Inch IPS 1080P FHD...
  • Proprietary Eye-Care Tech: Our exclusive Eye-Care technology...
  • Adaptive Brightness for Image Quality: Our Brightness...

Overview: If you are looking for a durable quality monitor with the latest features that you can get in an affordable price range, you should check out the BenQ GW2480 computer monitor. This product features state-of-the-art Eye Care technology with a super-slim, bezel design.

BenQ IPS Monitor Review

With this monitor, you get a 24” FHD IPS display with excellent screen resolution quality. This product features 250 nits of brightness and there are also built-in speakers available in it with remarkable audio quality. You get an edge to edge slim bezel design with 178o viewing angle. The BenQ IPS monitor has a compact design with very little footprint.

BenQ IPS Monitor would be a great choice for the office as well as for gaming setups. It comes with brightness intelligence adaptive technology is best for excellent eye protection. BenQ IPS Monitor features a built-in cable management system and the overall design and features are simply remarkable. 

  • Features 1080p FHD Display
  • IPS Panel for excellent colors accuracy
  • Intuitive Cable Management System
  • Multiple Screen Seizes to choose from
  • Elegant Design that looks great
  • Durable Construction
  • Affordable price
  • Great user reviews on Amazon
  • Build Quality is not so good
  • View Angle is not the best

3. Under $300: LG 27MK600M-B Monitor

Save Now
LG FHD 27-Inch Computer Monitor 27MK600M-B, IPS...
  • Versatile, color-calibrated monitor delivers shorter...
  • A sleek addition to any desktop, this monitor's ultra-thin...
  • With supported video cards such as the AMD Radeon series,...

Overview: LG 27MK600M features an elegant design and remarkable display quality which makes it an excellent choice for gaming as well as for the office. You can also use this monitor as your TV setup that is because the design is just so good.

LG 27MK600M-B Monitor Review

The monitor by LG comes in black color and features a 1080p FHD display. It offers support for HDMI connectivity. This product comes with 27” IPS display with 5ms response time. You get 3-side virtually borderless design and with radeon free sync technology. You get on screen controls with screen split technology.

It features a 60Hz refresh rate which is pretty great for a product in this price range. The display quality is awesome and would be great for gaming as well as for office use. The price is a bit too much, but it seems reasonable when you consider the features that it has to offer.

  • 1080p FHD IPS Display
  • HDMI connectivity availability
  • Borderless design for 3 sides
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 2 screen sizes to choose from
  • Excellent design and build quality
  • Response time is slower than most products on our list
  • Number of optional hardware interfaces is not so flexible

4. Monitor Under $200: Asus VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor

ASUS VA27EHE 27” Eye Care Monitor Full HD (1920...
  • 27-Inch full HD (1920x1080) LED backlight display with IPS...
  • Adaptive-sync technology and refresh rate of up to 75Hz to...
  • Asus Eye Care technology features TÜV Rhineland-certified...

Overview: The Asus VA27EHE is specifically designed to protect your eyes from any kind of strain or eyesight issues. This product features Eye care technologies that would prove to be really important for you in the long run.

It comes in black color and the resolution is simply remarkable. Plus, you get to choose from multiple models, as per your preference.

Asus VA27EHE Eye Care Monitor Review

The model that we are talking about here is a 27” full HD computer monitor that features a borderless design. It is an excellent quality IPS display monitor that features 1080p FHD resolution. The viewing angle of this product is 178 Degree which feels really great.

This product comes with Adaptive-sync Technology and offers an excellent refresh rate of about 75Hz. Plus, you get to choose from multiple models, depending on your price range. It has an elegant, ergonomic design that would go great with the rest of your workspace setup. It is a highly recommended product that you need to check out.

  • Features 27” FHD Display
  • Comes with an IPS display panel
  • Classy Black Color Finish
  • Farmless Design looks great
  • Ergonomic Tilt design and can also be mounted on a wall
  • HDMI and D-sub connectivity Options
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • A bit expensive computer monitor, for eyes
  • Design is not so intuitive

5. Best Eye Care Monitor: ViewSonic VX2457 Gaming Monitor

Save Now
ViewSonic VA2447-MHJ 24 Inch Full HD 1080p Monitor...
  • GREAT FOR HOME AND OFFICE: An ideal all-around 24 inch...
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Razor-sharp clarity and detail with Full...
  • PRODUCTIVITY & COMFORT: Advanced ergonomics (tilt, swivel,...

Overview: The ViewSonic VX2457 is a 24” gaming monitor that features the latest technologies for an excellent performance. With this product, you get multiple hardware interfaces including HDMI, VGA and DisplayPorts as well as an excellent resolution quality which adds to your viewing experience.

The design looks great and would be excellent for gaming as well as for office use. It comes in black color that looks great.

ViewSonic VX2457 Gaming Monitor Review

This monitor features TN panel which offers excellent response time. It offers you full HD performance in a fairly reasonable price range. Although it is not an IPS monitor, it still offers the same level of performance in a cheaper price range.

It features a Blue lighter filter for reducing eye strain. It offers you a wide range of connectivity features with excellent performance. The display is quite intuitive, and the product looks great. Plus, you get a 3 years warranty with it which would go a long way for you. It is an excellent TN monitor that you can get in a reasonable price range.

  • 1080p FHD Display Quality
  • Features FreeSync Technology
  • Flicker-Free Gaming Experience
  • Easy to understand controls
  • Features Blue Light Filters for reducing eye strain
  • Durable quality
  • Reasonable price range
  • Not the best value for money
  • IPS monitor should be a preferred choice for better colors accuracy

6. Best IPS Monitor For Eye Strain: Samsung Business SR650 IPS Monitor

SAMSUNG S27R650FDN, SR650 Series 27 inch IPS 1080p...
  • LESS BEZEL, FULL FOCUS: The virtually bezel-less screen...
  • TRUE COLORS ALL AROUND: The IPS panel preserves color...
  • COMPLETE CONNECTIVITY: A full lineup for ports brings you...

Overview: The Samsung Business SR650 monitor is a perfect choice for office spaces. This monitor comes in a inquire combination of black and silver-ish color that would look excellent in office spaces.

The screen size is quite reasonable, and you can choose from either 24” or 27” screen size, as per your requirement.

Samsung Business SR650 IPS Monitor Review

Talking about its features, it has a 1080p FHD display with support for a wide range of hardware interfaces including VGA, USB, HDMI and DisplayPort. It comes with a classy black finish and the IPS panel display offers an excellent refresh rate. The viewing angle is quite wide for an interactive viewing experience.

It has a sleek and slim bezelless design which looks great. You get a wide range of connectivity options with this monitor and in a reasonable price range. It features a High refresh rate, eye saver mode with flicker-free technology, and excellent design which makes it the best choice for the best computer monitor for eyes that you can find in this price range.

  • 1080p FHD resolution
  • Support for multiple hardware interfaces
  • Excellent design
  • IPS panel with super-fast refresh rate
  • Durable build
  • Comes in black color
  • A bit expensive
  • Users have reported dead pixel issues after some use

7. Best Blue Lighter Filter Monitor: BenQ GL2780 Gaming Monitor

Save Now
LG FHD 27-Inch Computer Monitor 27MK600M-B, IPS...
  • Versatile, color-calibrated monitor delivers shorter...
  • A sleek addition to any desktop, this monitor's ultra-thin...
  • With supported video cards such as the AMD Radeon series,...

Overview: This product is the best choice for you that looks great, protects your eyes and offers excellent performance, all in a reasonable price range. This product features the fastest, 1ms response time which makes it a perfect choice for high-end gaming.

BenQ GL2780 Gaming Monitor Review

The BenQ GL2780 features low blue light technology that is possible for the instant eye strain relief. This monitor would protect your eyes from developing any kind of eyesight issues. This product features 12M 1 dynamic contrast ratio which gives you the best and the clearest viewing experience.

It offers support for multiple hardware interfaces as well. As for the design, this product would look great for your office as well as for gaming. The size, as well as the viewing angle, is pretty great. It comes with Eco mode as well that would help you save power. This product is highly recommended for you if you are looking for a simple yet effective solution for a computer monitor.

  • Features 1080p FHD monitor
  • Excellent response time and Remarkable refresh rate
  • Comes in a Glossy black finish
  • Design features a stand
  • Comes with a low blue light technology
  • Durable build quality
  • Glitching issues have been reported
  • Doesn’t perform well in low light settings

 8. Best Flicker Free Monitor: Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor

ASUS ROG Swift 27" 1440P Gaming Monitor (PG279Q) -...
  • 27 inch WQHD (2560x1440) IPS panel with 165Hz refresh rate...
  • Thin bezel design brings out the best balance of screen size...
  • NVIDIA G SYNC technology removes stutter and screen tearing...

Overview: Asus ROG Swift PG279Q is the number one, most preferred choice of gamers all over the world. This monitor offers 24 inch and 27-inch full HD display with a powerful resolution. It is also extensively used by graphic designers for professional projects.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q Gaming Monitor Review

This product features 27” Wide Quad HD display with 1440p resolution. You get a super-fast response time and a refresh rate of 165Hz. With its classy design and remarkable feature, this product would offer you an immersive viewing experience. The design is thin bezel which offers an excellent balance of screen size and resolution for gaming.

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q features NVIDIA G Sync Technology which prevents the stutter and screen tearing. It also includes the Asus Eye care technology that offers the low blue light and flicker free display for an excellent viewing experience. The Asus monitor also offers a wide range of connectivity options. 

  • Features 1440p Display with WQHD IPS Display Panel
  • Comes with a Thin Bezel Design
  • Features NIVIDIA G Sync Technology
  • Comes with Asus Eye Care technology
  • Offers Low Blue Light Setting and Flicker free Technology
  • Includes Built-in Speakers and HDMI ports
  • Excellent Contrast Ratio
  • One of the most expensive products on our list
  • Not the best choice for office use

9. Best Gaming Monitor For Eyes: Asus PB278Q Computer Monitor

Save Now
ASUS 27" 1440P Eye Care Monitor (PB278Q) - QHD...
  • Impeccable lifelike visuals with 27” 16:9 2560 x 1440 with...
  • ASUS Eye care technology with Flicker free for less Eye...
  • Extensive connectivity with native WQHD content support with...

Overview: Asus PB278Q is a versatile computer monitor that you can use for gaming as well as for office use. It offers you WQHD LED display with a 27” wide screen. You also get a lot of additional hardware interfaces with this product.

Asus PB278Q Computer Monitor Review

This monitor offers you 1440p resolution which is great for high-end gaming. It has a high refresh rate which saves you from eye fatigue and similar problems. Asus PB278 is one of the best gaming monitors that you can find in a reasonable price range.

Asus PB278Q offers you a wide viewing angle for a seamless and smooth viewing experience. It is the best choice for you if you are used to working in front of the computer for long hours. Asus PB278Q gaming monitor features excellent video intelligence technology for the protection of your eyes. It is a widely popular computer monitor that you need to check out.

  • 1440p WQHD resolution
  • Comes in black color
  • Feature Asus Eye Care Technology
  • Offers many adjustment features
  • Features many Hardware Interfaces
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Affordable Price
  • Design could’ve been more intuitive
  • Colors are not so accurate
  • Display Port is not so good

10. IPS Monitor For Eyes: BenQ GW2765HT IPS Monitor

BenQ GW2765HT Eye Care 27 inch IPS 2560 x 1440p...
  • Enjoy brilliant color with a 2560x1440 WQHD IPS Monitor
  • ZeroFlicker & Low Blue Light for extended viewing comfort
  • HDMI Multimedia Interface; DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio)...

Overview: Another amazing product by BenQ, the GW2765HT is an excellent quality IPS monitor that offers you excellent colors accuracy and eye care features that you just don’t get wit TN panel computer monitors. This is the best monitor for eye strain prevention that you can find out there.

BenQ GW2765HT IPS Monitor Review

This computer monitor offers you excellent colors with its 2560×1440 WQHD IPS display. It features Zero Flicker and low blue light features for an extended viewing comfort. You get an HDMI multimedia interface with this product with the best DCR, dynamic contract ratio.

BenQ GW2765HT offers you Ultra flexible height adjustment and the build-in speakers are simply awesome. It is a durable quality, budget-friendly compute monitor that you need to check out. BenQ GW2765HT IPS Monitor features anti-glare technology which makes this computer monitor the best choice for use for long hours. It is a highly recommended computer monitor that you need to check out. 

  • Comes in classy black color
  • Features Zero Flicker Technology and Low Blue Light setting for enhanced comfort
  • HD Audio Quality
  • Comes with IPS panel Type
  • Durable Construction Quality
  • Affordable price range
  • Ultra-Flexible Height Adjudgment Feature
  • Small footprint and Looks Good
  • Some users have reported dead pixels on the screen
  • DisplayPort is not so good

Monitor For Eyes FAQs

What type of monitor is best for long hours working on eyes?

You need to buy a computer monitor that has some sort of eye care feature if you wish to work in front of a computer screen for long hours. 

The two main features to look for when choosing a monitor for long hours at work are anti blue light technology and adjustable brightness settings. Anti blue light filters out harmful high-energy visible (HEV) blue wavelengths from your display, reducing eye strain and fatigue from extended use.

Adjustable brightness settings allow users to personalize their experience by manually controlling the level of contrast between their screen and its surrounding environment, helping reduce eyestrain as well.

Where to Buy the Best Monitor for Eyes?

If you’re looking for the best monitor to protect your eyes and improve your viewing experience, then you’ve come to the right place. With a variety of technologies available on the market today, picking one that meets your needs can be tricky.

To help narrow down the options, we took an in-depth look at monitors that feature blue light technology and fine tuned visuals. These are designed with eye health in mind, so they make for great choices for those who spend long hours working or gaming on their computer screens.

You can try out any of the positively reviewed platforms for making the purchase. Either go to the official brand website or go to a 3rd party seller that you trust for making the purchase.

Which monitor is best for eyes LCD or LED?

When it comes to choosing the best monitor for reducing eye strain, both LCD and LED models come with their own benefits. For those who prioritize reducing eye fatigue and discomfort, an LCD monitor is a great choice due to its ability to filter out blue light.

Blue light filtering is especially important when using a computer or electronic device for hours at a time as research has shown that too much exposure to blue light can have negative effects on vision over time.

LED monitors, on the other hand, are known for their energy efficiency and bright displays. While they don’t offer the same level of blue light filtering as LCD monitors do, some models still include features such as adjustable brightness controls or anti-flicker technology which helps reduce eye strain in long periods of use.

What is the best color setting for monitor for eyes?

Having the best color setting for your monitor is essential for reducing eye strain and fatigue. With more people spending long hours looking at their computer screens, it is important to find the most comfortable and safest setting that will help protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by LCD screens.

Today, many computer monitors come equipped with Eye Caring Technology which allows users to set their screen to a more eye-friendly level of brightness, contrast, and color temperature. This technology uses a combination of hardware and software to filter out high energy visible (HEV) blue light waves while also dimming LED lights that are known to cause eye fatigue.

By using this technology you can ensure that your monitor is emitting the least amount of blue light possible while still providing a vibrant picture quality.

Final Words

There you have it. This is everything that you need to know about the best Computer Monitors for Eyes in 2023. Even if you don’t feel any kind of pain in your eyes right now and you sit a for a long time in front of the computer screen, still, it is better to be safe than sorry. Buying a Computer Monitor with some kind of eye care technology would ensure that you don’t develop any kind of eyesight issues.

We highly recommend that you check out the Best Monitors for Eyes to ensure the safety and health of your eyes. Also, to keep yourself updated with the latest Tech Rated technologies and Buying Guides, Stay Tuned with the Hippo Adviser blog.

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