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LG Stylo 6 Touchscreen Issues 2022: How To Fix?

LG Stylo 6 Touch Screen Issues

LG Stylo 6 is one of the most popular and the latest LG touchscreen devices that you can find out there. This device offers excellent features that make it a must choice for everyone.

Some users have reported certain touchscreen issues with this device. These issues are minor and relatively rare. But still, they can be quite frequent on the devices where they show up.

If you have an LG Stylo 6 device and you are facing touchscreen issues on it, then you are at the right place. We are going to share with you some of the most recommended ways you can fix these issues on your LG Stylo 6.

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6 Ways To Fix LG Stylo 6 Touchscreen Issues

So, without further ado, let’s get started and talk about the LG Stylo 6 issues and their fixes.

Method #1 Reboot Your LG Stylo 6

It is the most commonly used method for fixing an unresponsive touch screen problem on the LG Stylo 6. 

Rebooting your phone stops all running processes in the background, making its memory completely free.

This makes sure that apps run smoothly, without any kind of issues. So, you should try restarting your phone. This will most probably fix the issue with your LG Stylo 6 device.

Follow the steps below to reboot your device:

Press and hold the volume button and the power button at the same time for a few seconds. Your smartphone will then be rebooted.

Method #2 Boot Into Safe Mode

Safe mode allows you have your LG Stylo 6 boot back to the original state when your phone was initially turned on. 

Safe mode blocks any third-party apps that are installed on your Android phone.

You can make your phone go back to the condition that it had before when you first got it, by restarting your phone. 

Here is how you can initiate the safe mode on your LG Stylo 6:

Method #3 Factory Reset The Device

You should be aware that when you reset your phone to factory reset, it will erase all your data, including downloaded apps. It will return the phone to its factory default settings, just as is the case if you buy the new phone.

Make sure you back up all important and necessary data and files before attempting to reset factory settings on the LG Stylo 6.

You can follow the steps listed below to reset the settings on your LG Stylo 6:

Method #4 Wipe the System Cache Partition

The cache partition that you delete from the LG Stylo 6 will clear any system errors that could be causing the touchscreen issues.

The steps given below are going to help you wipe the system cache partition:

Method #5 Reset Your Device Back To Its Default Settings

Altering certain settings on the device may create problems for the touchscreen. Resetting to default settings may resolve LG Stylo 6 unresponsive touchscreen issues. 

Modifying the settings of the device could occasionally cause problems with the touchscreen.

Here is how you can reset your device back to its default settings:

Method #6: Update the Software of Your LG Stylo 6

A lot of LG devices suffer from this issue and the issue has been solved in a recent software update.

So, if there’s an updated software version available on your smartphone, you should install it.

You need to go to the settings of your smartphone and find the Look for Updates settings. You can click on the settings to look for the latest updates.

If a new software update is available, you can download and install it on your device. This is going to fix the LG Stylo 6 touchscreen issues for you.


There are numerous methods to fix the touchscreen issue on the LG Stylo 6. You can try using one of the methods we have recommended in this article. The steps above will assist to resolve LG Stylo 6  touchscreen issues. 

Many reasons can trigger the issues. However, if the issue is caused by physical damage to the device, it is best to first examine the screen with care. 

Removing the screen and replacing it with a new screen is the ideal solution how to fix the LG stylo 6 problems and touch screen issues in case the screen gets damaged.

We’ll suggest that regardless of whether the issue with your touch screen is due to physical damage or caused by some internal settings, you should take the steps mentioned above. 

And if you have any questions regarding the methods mentioned in this article, feel free to reach out to us in the comment sections.

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